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Thurston House Times – The 9th thing!

The 9th of 125 things about Thurston House, us and the City of Maitland…all in honor of our 125th anniversary next July of the founding of Maitland and the completion of  Thurston House.

Thurston House celebrates 17 years of being open for business next week – 9/15! Carole & Joe have thoroughly enjoyed hosting visitors from around the world, and from our own backyard. There have been guests from 21 countries, every state except Iowa, and several territories. We especially enjoyed hosting the Viscount & Viscountess of Maitland, Scotland. They live in London but enjoy visits to the states. He is also the Lourde of Lauderdale and heads to Ft. Lauderdale occasionally for family gatherings. 

Viscount Ian Maitland

Viscount Ian Maitland

If you know anyone from Iowa who wants to come to Florida, send them our way!

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