Even though we don’t do weddings here at Thurston House, we do offer the ability to have the house available for getting ready for the big event – Getting Ready for Your Wedding!

Since we are a small property there are some requirements to book this special –

  • Must book all 3 rooms for a 2 night minimum.
  • A maximum of 6 overnight guests can be accommodated.
  • There is a set cost of $50 per trade person coming in. This includes manicurist, hairstylist, makeup, photographer, etc.
  • Each non-guest who arrives to ready for the wedding are at a set cost of $25 each.

What you get –

  • Use of beautiful common areas – two parlours, dining room and porches.
  • Coordination of trade’s people, including providing tables and towels as needed.
  • On hand acceptance of deliveries – people, flowers, limo, etc.
  • Ability to have others (within reason due to capacity issues and at the discretion of the innkeeper) come here for services.
  • Many areas inside and outside available for your photos. Inside there are the front and back parlours as well as a beautiful dining room. Outside, depending on the season, there are casual gardens throughout our one acre yard.
  • Flexible breakfast types and times are offered for overnight guests, and the ability to have beverages and limited snacks available for non-registered guests.

With only 3 guest rooms, availability is limited so book ahead now!

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