This seems to be a question on everyone’s mind these days. At Thurston House we have been doing everything we can to help our planet. We place tent cards on each bed stating that you can hang up your towels to be reused another day. It also states that if you want your bed remade with fresh sheets, leave this on the bed. If it is not left on the bed we will just make it, not change the sheets. This has been a tremendous help in saving energy by doing less laundry! We also use low energy light bulbs wherever we can, and have light sensors and timers throughout the property. Guest rooms have had individual thermostats for years but we recently added newer and much more efficient programable ones. Guests want and do get bottled water in each room, but some actually refill them from our refrigerator. It is filtered water. We do recycle too, with all newspapers, bottles and cans being taken weekly. If everyone can do their part and turn off lights and turn up the A/C, what a tremendous thing for us all!