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North Orlando – Manatees again!

Yesterday I took my 3rd trip in the last two months up to Blue Springs Park in Orange City. It was a pretty cool day so I knew there would be at least a few. 52 was the count yesterday. Lots of people were around to view this spectacular place. The manatees come into the springs when the ocean gets too cold. They come in via the St. John’s River. One manatee we saw had a monitoring system attached to him. “Bock” was grown in captivity and was just released into the spring last week. He was huge, weighing in at 1,000 lbs! 

"Bock" the manatee
“Bock” the manatee
John, Carol, Carole & Joe
John, Carol, Carole & Joe

Blue Springs Park is a wonderfully historic place, and it is only 30 minutes north from Thurston House…well worth the ride!

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One Response to “North Orlando – Manatees again!”

  1. Sam & John says:

    And we were there! What a wonderful visit to Thurston House! It’s absolutely gorgeous.Our hosts (and tour guides) couldn’t have been more hospitable. Carole is so right — New England with palm trees. We had such a fine time. Now we’re back at the resort in Celebration, waiting for the day to warm up. Wish we were back at Thurston House!