Wise Owl

It seems fitting to have this Buzza Company print hanging in my B&B office. Of late we have been entertained a lot by the local birds, specifically the owls. One in particular seems to love to swoop and hoot. We have named him Cyrus, in honor of the original owner of this magnificiant 1885 Queen Anne Victorian Central Florida home, Cyrus Brooks Thurston.

Just two streets away from us is the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. A short stroll will get you to their gate. Step inside and experience the wonder of these creatures. The center is not only home to many owls, but also to eagles, hawks, vultures, osprey, and more! You can even adopt a bird in honor of a loved one, a unique and thoughtful gift!

Cyrus, the Thurston House owl

Of course you can just sit on our porch rocking away and let them come to you. We call it our guest entertainment. Come see, at Thurston House, our Central Florida bed & breakfast!