Baby Bird Season Just Around the Corner

I am sharing a portion of this wonderful resource from our fabulous Audubon Birds of Prey Center. It is just 1/2 mile from us here at Thurston House. Many guests have loved visiting and learning about these magnificient birds.



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Preparing for Baby Bird Season

As the Bird care team prepares for upcoming baby season, so do some of our resident raptors.  Several of our permanent residents assist as foster parents during this critical time. Athena, an Eastern Screech-Owl was brought to Audubon from Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in February 2013 when they could no longer care for her.  She was admitted to Suncoast with a fractured right wing and a dislocated left wing.

They had used her as a foster parent for orphaned Eastern Screech owlets, and we have continued to employ her skills as a parent.  This year we have designed a whole new cage for Athena to raise her little orphans in a safe environment where they will have less human contact and more uninterrupted time with their new “Mom”.  We are all excited to see how Athena likes her new parenting mew.

As spring arrives, be cautious about tree trimming.  Many of Central Florida’s cavity nesters may be using your trees as a safe home.  Consider trimming during alternate months not during nesting season; be aware of cavity nesting birds such as Eastern Screech owls.