Happy 130th Birthday Maitland Celebration

Happy 130th Birthday Maitland Celebration

Coming up very soon is our city’s fabulous birthday celebration – Happy 130th Birthday Maitland! The City of Maitland was incorporated the same year Thurston House was built – 1885.

This celebration is much fun and only a short stroll away from Thurston House. There will be food, music and fabulous fireworks, all held at beautiful Lake Lily Park. Come and have fun. You don’t even have to bring a present, just say Happy 130th Birthday Maitland! Pack your picnic blanket and basket of goodies and set up early on the shores of Lake Lily, close to all the fun. You will have a front row seat for the fabulous fireworks that start at 8:45pm!

Lake Lily Park location for Happy 130th Birthday Maitland

Lake Lily Park

Room availability is limited so book now!