Our Central Florida accommodations feature unique gardens that change year round, offering a casual and pretty landscape. We are set amid 8 acres of beautiful lakefront land. That makes us feel very rural, even though we are only minutes from everything!

In this Central Florida garden, each area of the yard has something different for you to see. We have lots to show off to you, from the exotic to the plain. Ginger is next to elephant ears, is next to azaela bushes, are next to oranges, are near basil, behind palm trees…Come and see what we have for you!

Enjoy Central Florida Birdwatching

Central Florida is rich with birds of all kinds, from majestic eagles and osprey, to tiny tufted titmouse and cardinals – a birdwatchers paradise! Sit on our porches and watch our feathered friends fly through the air, fish in Lake Eulalia, chase each other through the bushes and splash around in the bird bath. At night you will hear the sound of the owls. Both screech and barred owls are common in this area, our resident owl pictured below has been here 26 years, WOW! A bird guide book and a set of binoculars are here for you too, a useful resource to look up our feathered friends!

Birds seem to sense that our Central Florida accommodations are a Certified Wildlife Habitat, and know there is food, water and shelter here for them enjoy. They make their nests among the many trees and bushes that that are here in the over 8 acres of beautiful lakefront land. Head out of the driveway at our Central Florida Bed & Breakfast and a 1/2 mile walk will bring you to an official Audubon Birds of Prey Center. There you can view many of our feathered friends in their natural habitats, birds such as kites, hawks, kestrels, owls and falcons. “Trouble” and “Francis”, both bald eagles are unable to be released back into the wild so they are on display daily to visitors. The center overlooks Lake Sybelia, and neighborhood water birds come to visit those who live in the center.

Stroll around any of our 22 Maitland lakes and you will see our feathered friends in their natural environments. Lake Lily boasts many duck families, along with snowy egrets, great blue herons, ibis and anhinga. The anhinga, commonly referred to as a snakebird, is a very interesting feathered friend. Their feather structure is such that it cannot dry unless they perch on a high object with their wings spread, a very interesting sight!