Start of our 28th year!

Stairway window 2019

Today we celebrate the start of our 28th year here at Thurston House. We have enjoyed wonderful guests, and some regulars have been staying with us for over 20 years! We do keep track of where guests come from, and “so far” we have had guests from every state, 37 countries and 6 territories – WOW!

When we opened in 1992, there was no internet and no easy way to find us. Paper was king, so we advertised in newspapers, magazines and other print materials like guide books. It was very expensive and we never knew what would work. Now people from all over the world, and even here in Maitland, can check availability and pricing online 24/7. Even the middle of the night checking availability calls have mostly stopped – yea! The start of our 28th year should bring even more interesting opportunities for us, and hopefully, we can add more guest countries to our “where guests are from” list.

O’Heir Room new for 2019

For the start of our 28th year, we thought it would be great to do a few updates to guest rooms and the upstairs common areas. All 3 guest rooms and their baths have newly painted woodwork. The O’Heir & Hirsch Rooms have new vanity tops with sinks, new faucet sets, updated lighting and new fixtures. The Hirsch Room claw foot tub, the homes original, was refinished too. The Cubbedge Room has a new bath shelf next to the sink for guests to store their personal items. And last but not least, the stairway and upstairs hall has all new paint, a nice gentle tan color. The beautiful stained glass window in the stairway is a more prominent feature now without a curtain set. Instead of curtains there is a simple strand of elegant floral wrapped around the curtain rod. Items will be added to that, matching each season as it comes.

Hirsch Room new for 2019

For the start of our 28th year, we thought it was time to have a professional cleaning out of some of the overgrown yard areas, just over one acre in size. Once fall really kicks in, expect to see some new and different plantings in this casual landscape. I personally can’t wait for that!

So, if you haven’t come to stay here yet, please book now. If you have been here to stay but it has been a while, it is time to come back don’t you think? Thank you all for your continued support of this wonderful business and our home – Thurston House!