The Zora Festival 2020 was first presented in 1990. ZORA!™ is a multi-day, multi-disciplinary, intergenerational event composed of public talks, museum exhibitions, theatrical productions, arts education programming, and a 3-day Outdoor Festival of the Arts. The event takes place primarily in Eatonville, Florida (10 miles north of Orlando) and throughout Orange County. Thurston House is just minutes down the road from this renowned event!

The historic Town of Eatonville is the oldest Incorporated Black Township in the United States and dates to 1887. Attending this Zora Festival 2020 will give you a glimpse of just how unique their history is, and how important it was in the growth of this area of Central Florida.

Eatonville Sign

Zora Festival 2020

Imagine back in 1885, Mr. & Mrs. Thurston sitting on their porch amid their 160 acres of groves and woods. In their imaginations, they were probably trying to see what would become of this beautiful land. And now we know. It has been a long journey, with ups and downs for the people of Eatonville & Maitland. But I think they would be proud.