Thurston House Times – Maitland – the 8th “thing”

The 8th of 125 things about Thurston House, us and the City of Maitland…all in honor of our 125th anniversary next July of the founding of Maitland and the completion of  Thurston House.

The 2nd family who owned this home were the Hirsch’s – James & Anna. They were originally from Glencoe, Illinois where he served as mayor. They were very well-to-do and neighbors remember them being chauffeured around in a Cadillac limousine, complete with built in bud vases on the doors. Can’t you just picture that?

1919 Cadillac Limousine

1919 Cadillac Limousine

Thurston House Times – Another of 125 “things”!

#5 of “125 things” about Thurston House, us and the City of Maitland – Carole collects tole painted trays. Several in the front parlour were painted by my Grandmother Wyman’s best friend Carrie Fadish from Keene, NH. These would have to be from 1930-1940 time frame. Come to Thurston House and check them out for yourself!

tole painted trays

tole painted trays

Thurston House Times – Maitland

Mom & Dad, Mary & Al

Mom & Dad, Mary & Al

If you still have those special people in your life, your parents, give them a big hug…often! This week marks the 4th anniversary of my Mom’s death and the 29th for my Dad’s. It is amazing how time flies by. At least I have wonderful growing up on Montana Drive memories…an ideal place to have grown up in the 50’s.

Thurston House Times – North Orlando Maitland

Art Center Installation

Art Center Installation

The Maitland Art Center announced its’ most recent exhibit – “The Research Studio in the 21st Century”. Come see cutting edge art works and installations in the spirit of the Research Studio founded by Andre Smith in the 1930’s.  The City of Maitland owned facility is proudly on the National Historic Register. You will find that the center is just a short stroll from Thurston House. This and many other wonderful places are just moments from the inn.

North Orlando – Whatz-it?

Dear friends just gave me this little guy – Any idea what he is? Well, he is a coffee creamer holder. Not sure I’ll use this for Thurston House guests. I don’t want to scare them before having their first cup. He is kinda cute though…porch-then-o-room-for-wedding-couple-010

Where are you from?

We have enjoyed guests from all over the world – 50 states, 21 countries and 3 territories! Of course they always want to know where we are from and how we got here. This is where I grew up – Holden, Massachusetts. It was a small town just north of Worcester, in the center of the state. It is now a bustling community of approx 20,000 residents! Quite a change from its’ incorporation in 1741. When I lived there it was a quiet and wonderful place to grow up. In doing Thurston Family research I learned that a Thurston cousin is buried in the antique cemetery that is located right in the town square area that is depicted in these prints…..small world!

Still Another Whatz-It!

In my “other” life I worked at a Fortune 500 Company in Massachusetts – Norton Company. I was actually the 4th generation to work at this abrasives company. Their original products were ceramic jugs, crocks and that type of thing. This is one from my great-Grandfather, who also was employed by them. Ironically, this company started in 1885, the same year this house was completed! Come visit this Orlando area bed & breakfast – Thurston House – and check it our for yourselves!

Another Whatz-It!

Visitors to Thurston House love to look around at our interesting “stuff”. We have been married almost 30 years so have quite a bit. This is an interesting item given to us by our contractor. He knows we like old things…historic…so thought this appropriate to give to us. This is “Grave Art”, made from a rubbing of an antique cemetery stone.


We are from Massachusetts originally and moved over 10,000 pounds of “stuff” from there to here at Thurston House in Central Florida, by way of a year in Southern California. Our guests enjoy living with our things, if only for a short time. One of the favorite things to ask about is the rack by the front door that holds brochures and items for sale. It works great for that use, but it started life in the early 1900’s as a shoe rack. This would have been in a New England shoe factory. The shoes would roll from station to station on this rack as they were being made. INTERESTING… no? Have you ever seen one anywhere else?