Thurston House Times – Maine?!

The innkeeper is on a fast trip to York Harbor, Maine to handle a bit of personal business and take a last recharge before what will hopefully be a very busy next few months. This weekend was wild with weather, but things have calmed down and it is  beautiful today. I know what comes next so heading home real soon. Come stay at Thurston House bed & breakfast real soon…book now!

Long Sands Beach

Long Sands Beach

From Maitland – Maine news again!

More information about our lovely Maine condo is available on our HomeAway From Home website page. It is in a beautiful area, a great base to visit all of Southern & Central Maine, as well as parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Have you ever visited Portsmouth, NH? It is a very historic area, with the Strawberry Banke Museums.  

Strawberry Banke

Strawberry Banke



Also from Portsmouth you can get a ferry to go whale watching or go to the Isle of Shoals. So much to do in the area!

From Maitland – Maine rental availability announced!

York Harbor , Maine condo rental!
Beautiful two bedroom, 1-1/2 bath 2nd floor condo rental in York Harbor, Maine. Just minutes walk to the ocean and a stunning cliff walk to York Harbor Beach. See – to find out how wonderful this area is. It is only a little over one hour drive from Boston! Fully equipped, the cost per week of $1,200 includes utilities, linens, towels, wireless internet, cable TV, phone and more. This wonderful 1877 mansion houses only 7 units so nice and quiet. The setting amid over an acre of land sets this rental apart. Call Carole #407-539-1911 or e-mail at for more details! Hurry – only available 6/27-9/12. Not suitable for small children…no pets…no smoking. 

Back to work……

All rested up and ready to go. I took my last cliff walk this morning. The temperature was only in the 30’s, but crystal clear and gorgeous. As I leave Maine I leave behind many beautiful spring gardens waking up for the season…daffodils, tulips, violets…… Back home to Maitland….. On my way to Boston’s Logan Airport soon.

Time for Friends – Life Is Good.

If you have wonderful people in your life that have been there a long time, do you ever take the time to get together? Sometimes you just have to leave the “real world” and take the time. We have a group of 5 friends who get together as often as possible. Considering we live in several states, we do pretty good! The “Life Is Good” ladies got together here in Maine this past weekend. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we drank wine…. Three of us have been friends for almost 50 years! Sooooooo…if you have people who mean a lot to you and you haven’t seen them for a while…JUST DO IT!!!! We lost one of us a few years back and learned this very important lesson! If you don’t take the time you won’t get the time.

More Northern Bliss…..

When we get to our Maine place we usually just want to relax, walk along the ocean and not even move the car. Here is more from today. Our unit in this lovely 1877 mansion called “Thorncroft Condominiums”, is the one one the second floor with the little porch. It is not like our huge Thurston House porch, but we like it just fine!

Where oh where does an innkeeper go?

Occasionally an innkeeper needs to step back and have a time away to recharge. We were thankfully smart enough over 20 years ago to buy a beautiful condo in York Harbor, Maine. It is an easy trip for us, just over one hour from Boston’s Logan Airport. This is a beautiful area of historic homes, museums, and even a cliff walk that runs along ocean to a little beach. We call this our “Northern Bliss”. I am feeling better already!

Away from the inn….

What does an innkeeper do when life calls us in a different direction for a moment? Take the time!!! A dear friend’s Mom passed away Christmas Day and she was just buried this past weekend. I was blessed to have known her almost 50 years. She was a very special person to many people, and this past weekend’s burial showed that. There was a bench dedicated to her and also to her husband who passed away a few years back. It is at the Holden trailhead of the Wachusett Greenways. This is a wonderful system of trails covering several towns, including Holden where I grew up. People enjoy these trails in every season…hiking, walking, bird watching and cross country skiing. It is all maintained by volunteers, people like our friend’s Bob & Rosalie. It is amazing that “those next door neighbors” and “Cathy’s parents” became “Carole & Joe’s friends” in later years. They are much missed! Did you ever wonder who those people are happily enjoying breakfast on my Thurston House website? Well, now you know!