Do you know any veterans? Honor them by telling their war story to us all. The Library of Congress has begun this fascinating project, a way to protect war stories for all generations to come. They are looking for personal stories, memories, photos and letters. I recently finished putting together my Dad’s WWII story and submitted it to the library. It will take up to 6 months to finish but once everything is scanned it will be available for viewing by anyone for all time to come. My Dad died way too young and never told much about it so I am honored to do this in his memory. He was a hero! Do it now before it is too late!!!

I have talked it up to many guests here at Thurston House. One guest, a high school history teacher, even asked for a copy of two of my Dad’s letters, one written from a foxhole with bombs falling around him and the other an eight page letter written day by day during the liberation of Paris – amazing stories! He wants his class to learn the subject of WWII through the eyes and ears of a real person, this gentle boy from small town Massachusetts – Corporate Albert H. Webber, 196th Field Artillery.