On the shores of Lake Lily are the offices of one of the premier historical society’s, The Maitland Historical Society. This very active group has done wonders since we have been here, and there are many exciting future plans. Right now the society has a history museum on Packwood Avenue that houses various exhibits, a telephone museum and a reference library. This is several blocks from Lake Lily. On Lake Lily is their office building, Carpenter’s Shop Museum and the Waterhouse Residence Museum. Exciting plans to bring all of the facilities together came about when a development company, The Morgan Group, pledged $1 million dollars towards a future vision that includes a learning center that will allow visitors to explore the human experience through the stories of one Central Florida town. To read the full press release click here. We are proud members of The Maitland Historical Society and have enjoyed watching them grow and become the premier association that they are. Guests at Thurston House have enjoyed both museums, just a short walk away.