Birds breakfast Thurston House B&B, both things guests love about us. The City of Maitland is honored to fall directly within the Great Florida Birding Trail – East. Signs around the city show visitors the way to the fabulous Audubon Birds of Prey Center. This facility happens to be only 2 streets from our Central Florida Bed & Breakfast Thurston House. Wander around and view the many varieties of birds, from owls and kestrels to the elegant bald eagles, osprey and hawks. This amazing place is the permenant home to several birds that cannot be released back into the wild. “Trouble” is one of these birds, a bald eagle that was too injured to be rehabilitated enough to be on its’ own.

owl couple at Thurston House

Birds Breakfast Thurston House B&B

After your visit to the center, relax on our wraparound porch and enjoy what we like to refer to as our “mini-Audubon Center”. Ducks, anhinga’s, and osprey enjoy Lake Eulalia’s offerings. Owls hoot from the woods and occasionally will swoop down to show off for guests. Egrets and herons find their way along our shores too, elegant with their long necks and legs. Smaller birds such as hummingbirds, titmouse, thrashers, blackbirds and cardinals are constant visitors, and love to fly among the bushes and trees, serenading as they go. Enjoy our new website page, dedicated just for our Feathered Friends, and look for new photos to be added regularily.